Why Blondes Need Purple Shampoo

Let’s talk about every girl’s nightmare ⁠— BRASSY HAIR. 

If you are a natural or bleached blonde, silver or white haired, keep reading... 

purple shampoo

Blonde or not, we could all use a purple shampoo in our lives. The reason? Taking great care of your hair is a form of self-care. Having healthy hair instantly brings positive vibes. Ever wonder why people with healthy hair look so happy all the time? It’s because they get compliments on it every single time. 

What Is Purple Shampoo? 

Purple shampoo fights brassy yellow and orange tones, leaving you with a vibrant silvery hair color. Not only does purple shampoo help fortify color treated hair, but it also helps soften and volumize dry limp hair.  

But why purple? The answer is on the color wheel. Purple falls directly to yellow, meaning, purple cancels out the yellow and tones the brassiness.  

Why Do Blondes Turn Yellow? 

There are two main reasons why blonde turns yellow. First, blonde hair is porous. Meaning, it absorbs everything ⁠— from mineral, chorine, and even pollution. This leads to discoloration. The second main reason why it turns yellowish is because the tone used to achieve champagne hues have started to wear off. This is easily corrected by regularly toning the hair with purple shampoo. 

Why you need it (especially for blondes) 

Purple shampoo helps neutralize brassy tone and eliminate orange rusty looking strands. If you are a blonde or have bleached blonde highlights, purple shampoo is a necessity to keep your hair from looking dull. Keep your hair bright and add more luster!


How to choose the best shampoo?

Always look at the ingredients when choosing the best purple shampoo. The best ones does not have harmful chemicals and free from Alcohol, Paraben, and Sulfates.