What is Co-Washing and Should You Say Goodbye to Shampoo?



What is Co-Washing?


Co-washing simply means ditching the shampoo and only washing your hair with a conditioner. In place of shampoo, you will use your conditioner to both cleanse and moisturize your hair. Meaning, your conditioner will act as a cleanser to remove dirt and oil buildup on your scalp and hair strands.  


But should you permanently ban the use of shampoo? Keep on reading to find out.  


Should You Ditch the Shampoo?

 should you ditch the shampoo

Shampoos that contain sulfates or detergents are used to thoroughly clean and clarify the hair and scalp from dirt and other gunk. However, parabens and sulfates can overly strip hair’s moisture off leaving it damaged and dry.  


There are still mixed reviews about conditioner washing and if it is a good hair care practice. Some people with hair types such as those with curly and dry hair have reported that co-washing helped restore moisture to their hair. However, some people with normal and oily hair have reported that although it gave their hair extra softness and moisture, the effects were only short-lived and temporary. In fact, it gave them hair and scalp problems such as itchiness and greasiness.  


So should you ditch the shampoo? The answer is finding the right balance. Shampoo is specifically designed to clean and clear the scalp and hair from excess sebum, dirt, and oil. When finding the right shampoo, look for one without harsh chemicals such as sulfates and parabens that can dry out your hair. LxH Hemp and Biotin Shampoo is made free of sulfates and parabens and designed to clean the scalp and prompt natural hair growth.  


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Shampoo and conditioner are an important duo in nurturing one's hair health. If you prefer not shampooing every day, you may switch to alternating co-washing and shampooing to keep your scalp and hair clean and healthy. 


How to Co-Wash

how to co wash 

Step 1. First, you want to look for a conditioner without parabens and sulfate. A good conditioner for co-washing will not only provide moisture and hydration to your strands but also clean and clarify your scalp from dirt and other impurities. Check out this vegan LxH Hemp and Biotin Conditioner on Amazon: 


Step 2. Wet hair and massage the conditioner on your scalp and hair just like you would with shampoo. You may also use a scalp scrubber to remove excess oil and sebum buildup. 

Step 3. Thoroughly rinse out your conditioner from your scalp 

Step 4. Apply conditioner again. This time on your strands and squeeze the water out from your hair and leave it on to dry. 

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