LxH Biotin Gummies Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins, Biotin Vitamins for Hair Skin and Nails

Hair and Nail Vitamins

Our delicious strawberry flavored hair and nail gummies are gluten free, pectin-based, and are vegetarian. that support longer hair growth, stronger nails and youthful skin.*

B7 Biotin

An essential vitamin that supports hair growth in men and women. Biotin also works in the body to strengthen hair and nails, creating powerful and natural looking hair and nails.


Hair and nails are constantly growing and need a steady supply of nutrients. Zinc is essential to the growth of elastic hair and strong nails. 

Glowing Hair, Stronger Nails

Our biotin supplement hair skin and nails gummy vitamins make taking your daily skin vitamins fun! Formulated in the USA using premium biotin for hair growth ingredients to support nail vitamins for stronger nails.

LxH Biotin and collagen gummies work together as hair growth vitamins for women and men and rejuvenate glowing skin from the inside-out. Our hair growth gummies also feature Vitamin E to nourish healthy skin.

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