Is Skin Fasting the Latest Skincare Secret on TikTok?

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What is Skin Fasting 

skin fasting

Skin fasting is skipping all skincare products or using only the bare minimum to help your skin naturally detoxify itself. Some experts say that this is a way to give your skin time to breathe and reset. The term ‘skin fasting’ was originally coined by a Japanese skincare brand Mirai Clinical and aims to free the skin from being too dependent on skincare products.  


The cell in our skin naturally goes through a regeneration process. It constantly sheds and repairs itself to make way for new healthy skin cells to emerge. The concept of skin fasting is to eliminate the excess use of skin care products and retain only the necessary. Of course, the idea of stripping your skin off any skincare products earned mixed reactions from beauty enthusiasts — because one cannot just simply not wash your face with a cleanser and moisturize when all we have known is to do so, right? 


However, some might argue that skin fasting has helped their skin repair its skin barriers naturally while some people who tried it had strongly voiced their opposition. So, is skin fasting for you? Read on to find out the benefits of skin fasting, how it works, and if it is worth trying.  


Skin Fasting Benefits 

 skin fasting benefits

If your skin is not doing well and it does not react positively to any products you use, skin fasting might be what your skin needs. One benefit that skin fasting claims to do is it encourages natural healing and improves skin function. Think of it as telling your skin the problem and making your cells figure out how to treat it. Using facial oils can provide your skin moisturization that it lacks, however, skin fasting’s opinion on this is that it might trick your skin into not producing more natural oil since you are already getting moisture from facial oils. Mixed reviews are still plaguing this said benefit.  


Another benefit skin fasting is known for is that it helps remove the red flag products and avoid overtreating your skin. Most of us have been skincare layering since the rise of celebrity 10-step skincare routines and even copying their Vogue beauty routine, so the introduction of skin fasting is pretty controversial. While skincare layering has different benefits that target specific problem areas, skin fasting aims to cut down or eliminate excess products to help your skin “reset.” There are two ways you can start the reset phase. One way is to go remove all products from day 1, no skin aids.— yes, even your facial wash and moisturizer. The second way is to use only the basic skincare necessity.  



The concept behind skin fasting is to go bare for a few days and let your skin heal itself then slowly add one skincare product at a time to evaluate its effectiveness and how it affects your skin. So, is skin fasting for everybody? Some experts do not recommend this to people with eczema, psoriasis, melasma, rosacea, or uncontrolled acne. Who would benefit from it? People who experience more skin dryness, skin irritation, overcleaned skin, or acne than usual.  


How Skin Fasting Works 


Skin fasting works by taking a break from all skincare products — yes, even facial wash and moisturizer. Brave skincare warriors completely eliminates all skincare products from their routine on the first fasting day while others take a careful approach and slowly remove one product a day. There is no right or wrong way to do this as long as you take a break from your layering routine for a week or two. After some time and you see your skin naturally heal, you can then slowly incorporate your products one at a time to figure out what is causing the dryness and breakouts. During skin fast, nourish your skin from within by hydrating with water, opting in for a healthy diet, and supplementing with LxH biotin gummies


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