How To Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh This Summer

Summer heat can make anyone’s hair look sweaty and when mixed with polluted air, can evoke a foul smell like you skipped taking a shower for weeks even though you just took one this morning. Not to fret! Smelling fresh is possible during summer with these 5 ways below: 

5 Ways to Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh This Summer 

#1. Wash Hair Regularly 

 girl washing hair with lxh shampoo and conditioner

One quite common reason your hair smells stinky? You’re not washing it enough. The stuck natural oils, pollution, and sweat are the main culprits for your sticky strands and sour-smelling scalp.
To prevent this, consider a consistent hair care regimen that would not only make your hair smell fresh but also will keep it clean and healthy. Start with regularly shampooing (especially after sweating) with a light rosemary scented shampoo that is not too overpowering like LxH Biotin Shampoo paired with LxH Biotin Conditioner

#2. Use Hair Perfume  

 hair mist

You washed your hair and it smelled great until you went out for lunch and absorbed the city smoke. Spritzing a little perfume on your strands sounds like a great idea but it might dry your hair and cause long-term damage.
So, what should you do? Grab yourself a hair mist or a perfume formulated specifically for the hair. For a fresh summer fragrance, look for one with sandalwood, vanilla, or citrus lemon. 

#3. Check Your Surroundings for Strong Scents 

 barbeque grilling party

Do you often pass by a smoke-filled area or are you going to eat someplace where you know the scent of the food will stick to your hair?
Prevent this from happening by wrapping your hair in a cute head scarf or tucking it in a baseball cap. The lingering surrounding smell will unlikely cling to your precious locks. And it still did, it will not be as bad as exposing it fully in the said surroundings and nothing that a few sprays of hair perfume can’t fix.  

#4. Keep Your Brushes Clean 


How does your hairbrush look and when was the last time you cleaned it? Your hairbrush can accumulate oil and dirt buildup that can be transferred back to your hair if you do not wash it. A simple soap and water combo can keep your hairbrush clean and smell free. 

#5. Sweat or Post Workout Hair Routine 

 post workout

The blazing heat from the summer sun can keep your scalp smell like summer sweat but what’s worse is the post-workout smell of sweaty hair. If you have time for a post-work shower, then be sure to wash your hair thoroughly to get rid of sweat and oil to keep it smelling fresh and clean. However, if you do not have the time to do so, a quick trick to keeping it fresh is to soak up those dripping sweat with your towel and apply a dry shampoo.
Dry shampoo is a good alternative for when you are pressed on time to hit the shower. Just sprinkle some on your scalp to absorb the excess oil and sweat and viola!, instant freshness!