How are you enjoying your Sea Salt Spray?

  • Sea Salt Spray for Hair - LxH Sea Salt Texturizing Spray contains natural sea salt from the Pacific Ocean and walnut extract to protect from heat and sun damage creating texture and volume for all hair types.* This hair texture spray is a great addition to your arsenal of curly hair products and wavy hair products.*
  • Volumizing Spray for Hair - Adding our volume spray to your volume hair products routine will show great results over time. LxH volumizing hairspray will add volume, texture and waves with a soft, touchable hold. It is a great hair products for men and women.
  • Hairspray For Men and Women - LxH hair spray for men and women is light and will not leave your hair feeling crunchy or stiff. To use this hair styling products for women, apply to damp hair to style freshly washed hair or on dry hair to refresh an old style.


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