5 Effective Ways to Lose Face Fat + Debloating Tips

Camera filters and make-up contouring can quickly make your chubby cheeks go away. But what if we tell you there are easy tricks to effectively lose face fat and debloat puffy cheeks naturally? If this sounds like one of your dilemmas, then read on and find out how you can have a slimmer and more defined cheek and jowls.  


5 Ways to Lose Face Fat

how to lose face fat and bloating

#1 Practice Facial Exercise 


Facial exercise or facial yoga can is a popular way to effectively reduce face fat. Regularly doing facial exercise can strengthen the muscles, improve skin tightness, and combat signs of aging. This natural facelift method can also drain stagnant lymphatic fluid that usually causes swelling and face puffiness. Here are some ways you can practice facial exercise for a slimmer face: 


Fish Face Facial Exercise: 

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Puffing Air into the Sky: 

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3 Ways Jawline Exercise: 

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#2 Limit Salt Intake 


Notice whenever you eat too many salty foods, your face looks puffier and bloated? Sodium can cause fluid retention and make your face appear fat and bloated. Changing your eating habits by skipping junk food and eating less processed food can help you lose weight gain and decrease face bloating. Next time you go grocery shopping, skip the junk food section. 


#3 Ramp Your Water Intake 


We all know drinking plenty of water has different health and skin benefits. One notable benefit is that it can help you lose weight and flush out lymphatic fluid that causes bloating. A study in 2018 suggested that pre-meal water consumption may promote weight loss and increase satiety. Other research has suggested that increasing your water intake can help you burn calories that can help with weight loss.  


#4 Cut Back on Carbs and Alcohol  


When it comes to reducing face fat, two of the worst offenders are carbs and alcohol. Both can contribute to bloating and water retention, which can make your face look puffy and swollen. Cutting back your carbohydrate and alcohol consumption paired with a healthy diet can help you with your chubby cheeks problem.  


Alcohol can cause your body to store more fat in your face, so it is best to limit your intake of alcoholic beverages. Instead, focus on eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. These healthy foods will help you slim down all over, including on your face. Focusing on getting the right amount of healthy macros into your diet can help you get a slimmer face and contoured jawline.  


#5 Slim Down with Cardio 


One of the best ways to lose face fat is to exercise regularly. Not only will this help to tone your facial muscles, but it will also help to burn off any excess fat. Aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, biking, or swimming are all great for losing weight and toning up the face. Aim for at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise most days of the week for the best results.  


In addition to cardio, strength-training is also important for losing face fat. Strength-training exercises help to build and tone muscles, which can give the face a more defined and sculpted appearance. Some great strength-training exercises to try including push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, dumbbell rows and squats. aim for two to three strength-training sessions per week, allowing for at least a day of rest in between. 


Extra tip: Use a Facial Gua Sha for puffiness. Gua sha can help with lymphatic drainage. Check out this article about 6 Ways to Manage Sagging Skin and Boost Skin Firmness to know more about Gua Sha.  



5 Debloating Tips to Try at Home 


  1. Try an epsom salt bath to reduce extra water weight and relieve bloating
  2. Try a foam roller exercise to reduce fat and build muscle
  3. Eat Omega-3 rich food like salmon, mackerel, oysters, and brussels sprouts.
  4. Consider taking a night-time fat burner supplement to reduce cravings
  5. Add in homemade detox tea after meal or before bed. Some tea ingredients with detoxifying benefits are ginger, turmeric, lemon, green tea, or dandelion root.





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