Everything You Need to Know About Hair Gloss

Maintaining a freshly dyed hair color is no easy feat. Truth be told, that glossy vibrant hue from the salon or from a DIY won’t last forever. Some might last for 3-5 weeks before you start to see your hair looking dull. However, you can easily maintain shiny locks and touch up brassy tones at home. Enter hair gloss and hair glaze. 


Hair gloss and hair glaze treatments can easily be done at home or by a salon professional. How are these two different and what does it really do? Keep reading to know more about hair glossing, hair treatments, tips, and recommended products to use. 




What Is Hair Glossing 

 hair gloss

Hair glossing is a type of hair treatment that adds gloss or shine to colored strands. Yes, even untouched, or uncolored hair can also benefit from this treatment. Think of what a lip gloss does to your lips. Hair gloss coats the hair cuticle and revives the condition of the hair. According to some experts, there are many benefits of this hair treatment such as neutralizing brassy hair tones, reducing split ends, repairing frizzy hair, and adding a natural glossy finish to your hair. 


How Is It Different from Hair Glaze 

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The difference between hair glaze and hair gloss can be a little confusing since both products are used to help manage the texture of your strands.  


Hair glaze is a very fine product that gives your hair a high-shine finish with a light hold. Hair gloss, on the other hand, is typically made with oils or silicone, which provides a heavier hold and more shine overall. 


The main difference between the two is that a hair gloss penetrates the hair cuticle whereas hair glaze does not. Due to this, hair gloss stays longer (about 1 month and a half) while hair glaze will likely only last after 1-2 weeks.  



Who Would Benefit from Hair Glossing 


There are many benefits to hair glossing. The main purpose is for maintaining a smooth and shiny look in the hair. This method is going to have a similar result as having highlights put into your hair, but it will be a lot less damaging to the hair. 


Anyone can benefit from hair glossing. However, those with dry and colored hair would get the most advantage from using it. The hair is usually dry from being chemically processed so many times. Hair glossing can help change the tone of your hair to a warmer color without having to dye it causing further damage. 


How To Hair Gloss 

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There are two ways to get a hair gloss. One is through booking an appointment to your salon and another is to use an in-home product. When looking for an in-home product, find one that is closest to your hair color or if you do not want to change your hair color, you may opt into a clear hair gloss. Here is how to correctly apply it: 


Step 1: Start with clean hair. Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly before applying the hair gloss 

Step 2: After shampooing, apply the gloss to your hair and make sure to cover all strands 

Step 3: Leave for 45 minutes and rinse 


Remember, these treatments are only temporary and if you desire healthy hair, you need to start from within. Try supplementing with our Biotin and Collagen for healthy hair, skin, and nails. 


3 Tips to Maintain Your Hair Color 


Tip 1: Use A Color Enhancer Shampoo  

If you have blonde hair and brassy or yellowish tones, then you need to this a purple shampoo ASAP. Purple shampoo helps tone style-ruining brassy and yellow tones, and restores your blonde, gray, silver, or platinum bleached hair color with ease. Restore color and shine with our alcohol free and paraben free Purple Shampoo.  

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Tip 2: Deep Condition 1-2 Times A Week 


Regular conditioning is a must daily, however, your hair needs deep conditioning too. The best way to maintain color and improve hair health is by using a hair mask once or twice a week. This is greatly beneficial, especially to those with bleached, color treated, and dry hair. If you want to hydrate and bring back moisture to your hair while toning down brassiness, you should try our Purple Hair Mask


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Tip 3: Skip Hot Showers 


Hot showers are relaxing but it can do damage no your hair. Not only will it dry out your tresses, it can also fade your hair color. Washing with cooler temperature will keep your hair’s brightness and brilliance.  


Now that you know what hair gloss and hair glaze is, will you be trying it too? Always remember that a healthy shine can be achieved with proper hair care. Follow the 3 tips above and you’ll surely be on your way to healthier and more manageable hair.