Can Hydrocolloid Bandages Patch Up Pimples?

hydrocolloid patch


Hydrocolloid bandages are often used as a blister and wound dressing to protect new tissues and aid with healing. Lately, it has gained quite a buzz on the social platform, TikTok, as an overnight treatment for zits or pimples. But does it actually work?  


With over 576.1 million views on TikTok, the hashtag #hydrocolloidbandages shows users patching up their pimples with a hydrocolloid band-aid to heal breakouts. The results are amazing with people expressing how quickly it dried out their pimples overnight. People love how effective this product is and how it can be a cheap alternative to pimple patches that has the same ingredient — hydrocolloid.  


TikTok user @ktandersonyo shows in her video below the result of her trying a hydrocolloid patch. 


@ktandersonyo I was SHOCKED when I woke up! Be careful how long you keep these on because my skin became irritated! #hydrocolloidbandages #fyp ♬ original sound - fourwashington



What is the white gunk you see on the patch?


That white gunk is actually a combination of oil, moisture, and (sure) a bit of pus. Hydrocolloid pads absorb fluid and extra oil and moisture from your skin — this then turns into a gel-like white goo that you see on the patch after leaving it on overnight. The transformation from clear to white spots makes for a perfect acne and would healing environment.  


Does it actually work? 


Experts and dermatologists say it does. It works by creating a protective seal over acne lesions and helps reduce inflammation. You may also notice a decrease in the size and lump of the pimple because hydrocolloid patches decrease the extra fluid in the tissue. Some hydrocolloid patches are smaller and designed for pimple size — these are called pimple patches. You may find that some pimple patches contain salicylic acid or hyaluronic acid that can help reduce excess sebum and break down dead skin cells for a fewer acne breakout.  


Still don’t believe us? Check out the TikTok below from @doctoryoun and why he gave hydrocolloid patches a thumbs up! 

@doctoryoun #duet with @svetlana_angela do Hydrocollood patches work? #acne #pimples #hydrocolloid #hydrocolloidbandages #learnontiktok ♬ We Can't Be Friends - Dream Koala


Can it cause scarring? 


The answer is NO, it does not cause scarring. In fact, it prevents you from picking on your pimple by forming a barrier. They help with healing and ensuring that infections will not come in contact which is likely will leave you no visible scarring. 


How to use hydrocolloid bandage 


1. Grab a hydrocolloid band-aid or a hydrocolloid pimple patch. Pimple patches are better for smaller pimples since they come in tiny dot-like patches that cover only the affected area and let the rest of your skin breathe. However, hydrocolloids band-aids work too.

2. Make sure that your face is clean before applying the patch to your acne.

3. Leave it on overnight and remove it the next day.

4. Continue to change it daily and make sure that you are applying it on a clean face. 



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