8 Simple Ways to Get Pretty Hands and Nails

8 Simple Ways to Get Pretty Hands and Nails

Have you ever wondered how hand models get really pretty hands? Well, they put great care and effort into keeping it beautiful. If you’re wondering how they do it? Here are 8 secrets to getting beautiful hands and nails: 


Method #1: Try Finger Exercises for Slimmer and Longer Fingers 


Long and slender fingers are often seen as a good contributing factor for having beautiful hands. If you want to lose stubby fingers, you can start doing finger stretches and exercises to help elongate and make it slimmer. Here’s how to do a finger stretch: 


Step 1: Place your hands palms down on a table 

Step 2: Straighten and stretch your fingers against the surface without putting stress on your joints 

Step 3: Hold the stretched position for 30-60 seconds and repeat for 4-5 times on each hand 


If you want to know more hand and finger stretches you can do easily, you can check out this TikTok from @advicebysky_ 

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Method #2: Avoid Cutting Your Cuticles 


According to Dermatologists, you need to avoid cutting your cuticles to prevent infections. Cutting your cuticles can leave a space that can be a nest for bacteria that may also lead to nail problems such as infections, fungus, ridges, and white lines. Cuticles are important because they protect the nail matrix or the nail root, so it is best to leave it alone. 


Method #3: Scrub and Moisturize 


Scrub and moisturization are two of the most important things you need to do to achieve soft and pretty hands. Using a hand moisturizer after a bath can keep your hands and nails from being dry and combat premature wrinkles. Moisturizing both your hand and cuticles can help repair damaged and dehydrated skin and improve its elasticity.  


On another hand, scrubbing regularly can help remove dead skin cells from your hand and pave way for skin cell regeneration. Not only is scrubbing good for the hands, it’s also beneficial for the nails especially if you want to brighten stained nails.  


Here’s how to do it: 

Gently use an exfoliating and hydrating scrub (we recommend M3 Natural Charcoal Scrub). Then proceed by rubbing your favorite hand cream or lotion. Make sure to work it around your nails and cuticles to restore moisture and softness to damaged hands and nails. 


Method #4: Be Careful with Over Sanitizing 


Covid made us more aware of our surroundings and more careful with catching germs and bacteria. This has prompted more people to frequently use alcohol and hand sanitizers. However, over-sanitizing can make your skin dry especially if the ingredients do not contain a hydrating ingredient. We recommend washing your hands with an antibacterial hydrating soap if you have access to it. If not, you may use hand cream once your hand sanitizer dries. 


Method #5: Watch Out for Hangnail and Treat Cuts Immediately


Hangnails can make your fingernails unkempt. If you don’t know what a hangnail is, it’s the torn piece of skin at the sides of your fingernails. They can be annoying and can be tempting to pull out. However, forcefully pulling it out can cause more damage. What you need to do is to use a nail clipper and trim it as neatly as possible and apply an antibiotic cream to treat the area and prevent infection.  


If you accidentally cut or scratched your hand, be sure to treat the area immediately. For small cuts, you may patch it with a hydrocolloid bandage to prevent infections and keep it moisturized. Keeping it moisturized can prevent and minimize scarring. 


Method #6: Use Hand Gloves  


The texture of your hands can easily get rough and dry if you do not use a glove when doing the dishes or cleaning using detergent and bleach. Protect your hands from harsh chemicals by using a glove — yes, it may look extra for some people, but it can ensure your hands’ and nails' safety. 


Method #7: Limit Your Manicure Schedule 


Give your nails time to breathe and skip a few days or weeks of nail polish. Too many gel manis may damage your nail bed and make it brittle. Here are a few signs that suggest your nails need a break from your weekly manicure appointment: 

  • Peeling 
  • Rough white patches 
  • Discoloration or yellowing of the nails 
  • Dry and dehydrated nails 
  • Ridges 
  • Thin and easily broken nail 


Method #8: Take Nail Supplements 


Your nails need nourishment too! Try our LxH Biotin Gummies to help repair damaged nails and cuticles as well as help make it grow healthy and stronger.  


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