7 Hottest Summer Hair Color Trends of 2022 That You Need to Try

7 hottest hair color 2022 trends

This summer is all about fun and free-spirited clothing and hair color. Gone are the chilly days and holing up in your bedroom because summer is here, and it is time for you to pack your bags for an unforgettable summer trip! Show off your best summer vibe with one of these 7 trending summer hair colors of 2022! 

#1 Summer Sun Blonde 

    Credit: instagram.com/matildadjerf

    Want to get that beach vibe look? Nothing screams like summer with this effortless shade of golden blonde with a warm blonde balayage highlights at the tips. This hair color is perfect if you want to achieve a summer sun-kissed blonde without actually going under the sun! 

    #2 Peachy Tones 


      Credit: instagram.com/jennierubyjane

      Summer is the time to be playful and what better way to show off your playful side by touching up a little warmth of color to your locks? Try this peachy tone from Blackpink member Jennie. This color is cute, fun, vibrant, and suits different skin tones. This color will give make your eyes alluring and your skin glowing.  

      #3. Expensive Brunette 

        @hairby_chrissy #hairby_chrissy @jordanunderwoodig @holliewdwrd ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

         Credit: tiktok.com/hairby_chrissy

        Expensive brunette is the most requested hair color this 2022 and we can most definitely agree that this new trend is a great break from plain brunette or an excuse to make a switch from blonde to darker locks. Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid are some celebrities who have sported and aced this look. The luxurious feel of this hair color is a result of added shine, texture, and dimension. This shade is a mixture of chocolate brown and 3d highlights of dark blonde. You can play with warmer shades like caramel, coffee, copper, or ash and top it off with a hair gloss for an ultra-shine healthy glow. Perfect low maintenance hair color for every girlies out there! 

        #4. Scrunched Blonde Highlighted Curls 


           Credit: pinterest.com/CurlVitality

          Give your curls more flare by adding blonde highlights to give it dimension. One trick to make it better is to scrunch your damp curls with a t-shirt or a towel to give it more definition and showcase your blonde highlights in its best state.  

          #5. Classic Honey Blonde Ombre 


             Credit: instagram.com/traceycunningham1

            Adding gloss and low lights of honey to your blonde ombre projects a fancy but low maintenance appearance. This type of hair color is a classic hair color that would never go out of style. Get it this summer if you haven’t yet! 

            #6. Sun Kissed Brunette 

              Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/sophiagrac70/

              The sun-kissed brunette will make you look younger and bright! Much like how your hair can have a lighter streak when under the sun for too long, you can recreate this look without exposing yourself to scalp sunburn. Remake this by adding a light golden caramel ombre with a dark chestnut base for a sun-kissed beach vibe look. 

              #7. Hair Frosting 

                Credit: instagram.com/sofiarichie

                This salt and pepper look is the new trending way to add highlights to your hair this summer! This hair color technique is a free hand method of highlighting the hair evoking a less precise highlight to make it look and feel more natural. It is often colored in cooler tones such as icy highlights, ash, platinum, or beige by scattering a contrast of highlighted strands to a brunette base.