6 Reasons Why Your Hair Gets Greasy Fast

Greasy hair can make your hair look limp and dirty. Although sebum production is natural and necessary to prevent moisture loss, overly greasy hair may become a problem and lead to dandruff and acne. So, what causes greasy hair and how do you prevent it? Here are 6 common reasons why your hair gets greasy fast: 


#1 Over washing may be one culprit 

over washing 

Washing your hair can get rid of excess oil and dirt from your scalp but over-washing can also be a culprit of oily strands. When you over-wash your hair, you are not only removing the dirt from your scalp but there is a high tendency that you will also be stripping off your hair’s natural oils. This will lead your scalp to overproduce oils to make up for the loss sebum. In turn, your hair will feel greasier.  


How do you know how often to wash your hair? The answer will depend on your hair type, the humidity of the place you live in, and your preference. Fine hair can be washed everyday or every other day; normal hair can be washed 2-3 times a week; dry frizzy hair thrice a week; and coiled course hair once every 1-2 weeks. The golden rule of thumb is to wash after sweating too much and when it’s too greasy. If you are washing everyday and notice that it’s greasier than normal, try skipping for a few days to check if it’s because you’re over washing. 


#2 You’re splurging on conditioners 



Applying your conditioner incorrectly may be what’s causing your overly greasy hair. If you are applying conditioner to your scalp, STOP. Conditioners can leave your scalp oilier than it should be. Instead, apply from mid strands and focus on the tips. If you want to keep greasy hair at bay, you may want to try using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner.  


#3 Dirty linens and pillowcase 

 dirty linen and pillowcase


The oils from your hair and face may transfer to your pillowcase and stay there if you do not regularly wash it or change it. The accumulated oil will then be likely to be transferred back to your hair making it greasier than usual.  


#4 Grease from touching your hair 

 greasy hair from constant hair touching

You know that saying too much of everything is bad? This also applies to touching your hair too much! The grease, dirt, and oil from your hands can transfer to your strands making it look greasier than ever. Refrain from touching your hair to avoid oils from your skin passing to your strands.  


#5 Abusing hair oils 

 hair oil and hair serum

Applying too much oil or serum on your hair can weigh down your locks. The best way to apply serum is by adding only 1-2 drops on your palm and applying it from mid strands to tips. Same as how you would apply a conditioner, avoid adding the roots and scalp.  


#6 Stress and hormones 

 stress and hormones

Stress and hormones can also play a vital role in having greasy hair. Stress can trigger your cortisol level to rise, making your oil glands produce more oil. Another situation where hormones play a role in increased oil production is when you are on your period. There is a spike of progesterone levels a week and during your menstrual cycle causing an over production of sebum on your face and scalp. Good news is that this is temporary, and an easy fix is to use a clarifying shampoo during these days.



There you have it, the 6 most common culprit for greasy hair! With proper care and nutrition, you can keep your hair healthy and