5 Ways to Prevent Brassy Hair

What is Brassy Hair? 

5 ways to prevent brasy hair 

Brassy hair refers to the warm pigments that are common in bleached or lightened hair. Often, it has an orange or yellowish tone, thus, why it is called brassy hair. It is important to remember that people with brown to dark hair have an underlying orange to reddish pigment on their hair while lightened blonde have yellow. Brassiness happens when you bleach or lighten your hair and the underlying tones are not completely removed.  


5 Ways to Prevent Brassy Hair 


#1. Use a Purple Toning Shampoo 


Purple shampoo is the most common solution for fixing brassiness. Since violet and yellow are opposites of the color wheel, using a purple shampoo can tone down warm tones and give your blonde hair a soft color. We recommend using LxH Purple Shampoo to eliminate brassiness: 



#2. Invest in a Shower Filter 


Is your water secretly making your hair brassy? If so, then you may want to start inventing a shower filter. High levels of minerals can taint and make your undertones appear faster. High deposits of mineral in water may dry your hair and fade your hair color so investing in a good shower filter can do wonders to maintain your hair color. 


#3. Stay Away from the Sun & Chlorinated Pool  


Some studies have shown that chlorine can strip your hair of its natural oil and leave it dry and weak, resulting in fading and brassy hair. Experts recommend washing your hair with filtered water before jumping into the pool. Immediately shampoo and condition your hair after taking a plunge in a chemically chlorinated pool. 


#4. Hydrate with a Color Correcting Purple Hair Mask 


A purple hair mask, like a purple shampoo, can help tone done harsh tones in your strands and remove brassiness. A hair mask can also deeply moisturize your hair and bring back lost moisture from bleaching. We recommend you try our LxH Purple Hair Mask.  



#5. Shower with Cool Water 


Avoid rinsing your hair too much with hot water, use cool water instead. Cool water can help maintain your hair color by closing the hair cuticles and locking in moisture. This can help protect your hair from turning brassy faster.