Do These 5 Skincare Hacks Before Bed to Wake Up with Glowing Skin

Are you always waking up looking puffy or does your skin lack that healthy glow in the morning? Follow these 5 skincare hacks before bed to wake up with glowing skin!


#1: Switch Your Pillowcase


When was the last time you switched your pillowcase? Yes, your dirty pillowcase may be the cause of your breakouts. You might not realize it, but your bed sheet and pillowcase harbor tons of dirt, oil, and bacteria that passed on to your skin. Regularly washing and changing them can do wonders for your skin health. Silk sheets are also a great option for people with sensitive and acne-prone skin.  


Silk is naturally hypoallergic and does not retain moisture as well as a cotton pillowcase. The lack of moisture can discourage dust mites and other bacteria from living in your pillow — resulting in less contact with your skin. Some experts also say silk pillowcases cause less friction to your skin and hair. Meaning, less chance of developing wrinkles and waking up with frizzy hair! 


#2: Drink Up 


When we say drink up, that means hydrating with water. Your skin can look dry and saggy if your skin is dehydrated. Water can help flush out toxins that your skin does not need. Water also helps improve blood circulation which can help lower your blood pressure and can help deliver nutrients to your skin to keep it healthy and supple.  


It might make you go on multiple trips to the bathroom at night, but your skin will definitely thank you. To avoid a midnight run to the toilet, drink plenty of water throughout the day and an hour or two before you go to sleep.  


#3: Massage Your Skin 


Facial massage not only makes you feel relaxed but also helps your skin improve its elasticity. Massaging your skin improves blood circulation, clears lymphatic drainage, and gives you that “lifted” look. You can do this with your bare hands, by using a facial massager, or with a Gua Sha.  


Check out this TikTok from @allyoucanface on how to do it: 


@allyoucanface How to do #facemassage or apply your #skincare everyday ❤️ #allyoucanface ♬ virgo - Jadu Jadu



#4: Use an Overnight Treatment Mask 


At night is the perfect time for you to apply your spot treatments or retinol. If you have stubborn pimples, quick overnight acne treatment is essential to avoid waking up with a red and swollen pimple. If you have normal skin and wants to wake up with a refreshed and moisturized skin in the morning, try on a facial mask that removes impurities and lightens dark spots. Check out this clay mask on Amazon


#5: Put Down Your Phone 


Taking a social detox (even for just the night) can help you feel and look more rested. Sleeping early and catching up on sleep can help your skin regenerate itself. Mitosis, a process of cell division and replacement of dying cells, is said to happen between 11 pm to midnight. Sleeping in during this time can benefit your skin to repair its damaged tissue and drying cells. Put your phone down at night to eliminate distractions and help your get a full night of sleep.